election no on pool bond sign

A sign urges voters to reject a $4 million bond measure to finance a new community pool. The vote ended in a tie in early unofficial results.

CANYON CITY — It’s still a tie.

The results of a hand recount conducted by Grant County Clerk Brenda Percy confirmed that the pool bond failed after ending in an 802-802 tie. A majority was required to pass the measure.

The recount was conducted on Wednesday, June 15, and the vote was certified following the recount.

The hand recount was automatically triggered due to the margin of the vote being within 1/5 of 1%. The confirmation of the machine count officially ends the doubt and debate surrounding the $4 million pool bond levy that was presented to voters within the John Day/Canyon City Parks and Recreation District during the May 17 primary election.

The bond measure ended in a 787-787 tie based on early unofficial returns on Election Night, and an updated tally the following day still had the levy deadlocked at 789-789. The total would be updated two more times, with the no votes holding a 798-792 edge following an update on May 24.

Sixteen ballots with challenged signatures wound up deciding the fate of the bond measure. Most of those ballots were able to be counted after the signature issues were resolved by Percy’s office. The result of that final count was an 802-802 tie that triggered the hand recount.

If passed, the bond would have raised $4 million for the construction of a new pool via a 20-year bond that would’ve added 70 cents per $1,000 of assessed value to property tax bills in the John Day/Canyon City Parks and Recreation District. The new pool would have replaced the recently demolished Gleason Pool, which was built in 1958 and had been closed for two years.

The city sold the pool property and neighboring Gleason Park to the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department for a planned expansion of the Kam Wah Chung State Heritage Site. One of the contract’s terms of sale with the city was the demolition of Gleason Pool and the grading of the site prior to the deal closing.


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