Salisbury steak was furnished and served Oct. 17 by the ladies of Ye Olde Thrift Shop. Bob Willey asked the blessing, and Marge Wagner led the flag salute.

The musical twins, Bill and Don Palmer, entertained with instrumental selections.

Karen Conlee has offered "taxi" services for John Day/Canyon City residents to the Hawaiian Luau dinner to be held Saturday, Oct. 26. Call Karen at 575-0164 or the center at 575-1825 to make arrangements.

Edna Rettie received the certificate from Chester's Thriftway, and Evalyn Boyd, the free senior meal.

There have been over 20 elk seen in a field (the former Barry Ranch) near the Tidewater property, east of Mt. Vernon.

Since Mary Bradley of Mt. Vernon was confronted by a cougar and two kittens on Murderers Creek, area residents are reminded to be careful and watchful.

Those earning consolations for blackouts during last week's bingo were Gloria Kulis, Denice Seebart and Carolyn Caldwell. Callers for the evening were Don Caldwell and Jim Lenz.

On Oct. 21, pizza was served by Bible Way Community Church members. Dan Ellis led the flag salute and the Rev. Jack Retherford asked the blessing.

Lucille Thissell won the John Day Pharmacy certificate; Eulala Herbert, Len's Drug.

A potluck lunch and jam session will begin at 1 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 3, at the Mt. Vernon Grange. Tom and Vivian Tucker of Second Hand Rose in Mt. Vernon will attend and musicians are invited to join in the fun.

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