Rolling into the new year

Melva Heckman, a member of the Sandy's Happy Nails Team, releases the ball during competition Jan. 5, at Kountry Lanes. Sandy's Happy Nails won the first half of season in the Early Mourners Bowling League with a record of 42 wins and 22 losses.

JOHN DAY - Every Wednesday morning, members of the five-team Early Mourners Bowling League gather at Kountry Lanes to test their skills, oft-times combined with a considerable amount of luck, and attempt to knock down as many of the 10 hard maple pins set up at the end of 60 feet of oiled hardwood as possible in three games.

Over the course of a 10-frame game, the ladies could have as many as 12 rolls of the ball at the pins in search of the elusive (and perfect) 300 score.

To date, only three perfect games have been recorded at Kountry Lanes. None of the local ladies have been lucky enough to roll one.

Despite the lack of "perfection," scratch series scores of 500 or better have almost become the norm rather than a rarity for rollers in the Early Mourners League, who also have the opportunity to compete in the Ladies Nite Out League on Thursday evenings.

In the Wed., Jan. 5, competition, the Curves team recorded the high team handicap game with 665 pins and also had the high team handicap series with 1,906 pins.

Nancy Chase scored the high individual scratch game with a 209 and also had the high individual scratch series of 568.

With a record of 42 wins and 22 losses, Sandy's Happy Nails was the winner of the first half of the season, which ended Jan. 5.

The second half of the season will begin today, and the winners will square off against one another for the season championship at a tournament in the spring.

Whether for competition, for camaraderie, or just for the fun of it, women's bowling is alive and well in John Day and the local gals are looking forward to another successful season in 2005.

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