School superintendent leaves Monument for Cove

Earl Pettit

Former Monument School District Superintendent Earl Pettit will start a new position as interim superintendent of Cove School District on Aug. 1.

Pettit, who held his position in Monument for seven years, resigned June 22.

When asked why he left the school district, Pettit said he was looking for a fresh start. He said, over time, the direction the school board wanted to go and what he envisioned didn’t coincide.

“From the middle of winter on, it came to my recognition that we were probably not going to go farther,” he said. “It was time to change leadership.”

Pettit wore many hats at the school district and in the community.

Besides being superintendent, during his tenure at Monument School District, Pettit was principal, athletic director, transportation director, trainer and track and cross country coach. He also started a speech and debate club, homework club and a junior-senior high rock band.

He said the school was successful when he arrived and is still successful.

“I think my contributions here were extending opportunities to kids that prior to 2010 they wouldn’t have even imagined having,” he said.

School board member Vonda Stubblefield said the fact Pettit was with the school district for seven years speaks well for the former superintendent.

“Sometimes you just go different directions,” she said. “Cove is a bit bigger school and bigger area.”

She said Pettit started the Flying Tigers club at the school, which gave students the chance to travel to China, Cambodia, Thailand and India.

“He’d traveled a lot in his life, so he was comfortable with it,” Stubblefield said. “It was nice that he afforded the kids in our school that opportunity.”

Besides his involvement with the school, Pettit was the Monument fire chief for two years, engineer for four years prior and was commander of the Monument American Legion Post since 2011.

Pettit was busy packing last week as his family prepares to move to Cove, including his wife Nittaya, daughter Sophie and sons Bill, a freshman, and Charlie, a kindergartner.

“This is moving from home to establish another one,” he said. “All of the friends and the close-knit community will be missed.”

The search is on for a new Monument superintendent,. Stubblefield said they are still accepting applications, and interviews will soon be held.

School is scheduled to begin Tuesday, Aug. 22.

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