The purpose of Letters to the Editor is to give Blue Mountain Eagle readers an opportunity to express themselves on local issues.

Writers are encouraged to limit use of Letters to the Editor to a discussion of local issues and should refrain from personal attacks on individuals or businesses. Letters containing such attacks will be edited or not printed.

The Eagle is not obligated to print every letter submitted. In some cases, a letter or column may not appear in print to protect the writer and newspaper from possible legal action. The Eagle reserves the right to edit and abridge all submissions.

Letters are printed on a space-available basis. Shorter letters dealing with issues have a better chance of timely publication.

Letters must be original and signed with the name of the writer. Anonymous letters will not be printed. Writers should include a telephone number so they can be reached if we have questions. Telephone numbers will not be printed.

Letters express opinion of the writers. Printing of letters should not be interpreted as an endorsement by The Eagle or its staff. The newspaper does not have the time or personnel to check "facts" stated in letters.

When you write: Please keep it concise. Recently, many submissions for Letters to the Editor to the Blue Mountain Eagle have exceeded reasonable length standards for publication.

We recommend concise commentaries of 400 words or less. Anything beyond that recommended length risks undergoing substantial editing. Also, all commentaries are subject to editing for style reasons.

Deadline for letters is 10 a.m. Monday on normal weeks. During holiday weeks, such as this one, deadline is 10 a.m. Friday.

Direct letters "To the editor," The Blue Mountain Eagle, 195 N. Canyon Blvd., John Day, OR 97845, or fax them to 575-1244. Letters also can be sent electronically to

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