Seneca School Storytime Club

<I>Contributed</I><BR>Kyle Cook (left) reads to Shawn Harig for the Seneca School storytime club, which was developed for a community service project.

SENECA - Did you know that reading to preschool children gives them a headstart in school? At Seneca School, the third- and fourth-grade students know that being read to encourages children to enjoy reading as an activity.

As a community service project, Adele Cerny's class holds a monthly Storytime Club for preschool children every spring. The students learn how to select a variety of bright, colorful books appropriate for younger children.

Many of the students remember when they were the preschoolers attending the club, and include their own favorite titles in their book selection. As they prepare for their visitors, they practice reading skills such as reading with good expression to make the story come alive, and at a comfortable rate and flow. They study how young children learn and characteristics of preschoolers.

During storytime, students read books to their preschool buddies, visit about the stories, and draw pictures.

"Storytime Club helps little kids get ready to learn and get ready for school. I think it inspires the children and makes them feel good, and it makes us feel good, too," said Keila Qual, a third-grader.

Fourth-grader Derrik Rider said, "I like that it's fun. I get to spend time with little kids and it helps them to like reading. Roman Rolls, my storytime buddy, really likes 'Maggie Wants a Hug' about a dog."

During Storytime Club, the parents are welcome to visit the school library and check out books. At the end of the school year, students compile a list of their buddies' favorite books and send it to the parents for reference over the summer. Parents, preschoolers, and students all rate Storytime Club as a great success!

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