'Shared vision' joins firms

Troy Reinhart, Ansel Krutsinger, Bill Moore and Tyler Simones are the team members of the new financial advisory firm, Northwest Quadrant Wealth Management. <br>Contributed photo

JOHN DAY - Two financial advisory firms, one here in John Day and one in Bend, have announced their plans to merge.

Effective Oct. 1, financial representative Ansel Krutsinger of John Day will merge with Bill Moore and Associates of Bend to form a new firm, Northwest Quadrant Wealth Management.

Both agencies are members of Seattle-based KMS Financial Services Inc., an independent, privately-owned securities broker-dealer and registered investment advisory firm.

Krutsinger, who has been in the investment advisory business for 25 years, said the change is the culmination of his efforts to chart the next step for his local business.

"I've been spending the past two years looking to transition the practice ... to develop a succession plan and locate people who shared my views," he said.

Krutsinger said that he has known Bill Moore, founder of the Bend firm, for 30 years.

"They share my vision on how clients should be treated," he said.

The new partnership will maintain offices in both John Day and Bend.

Two of the partners from the Bill Moore office in Bend, Troy Reinhart and Tyler Simones, will travel to John Day on a weekly basis to make introductions with existing clients, as well as develop existing services to new clients.

Reinhart, who has been the managing partner of Bill Moore and Associates, has 20 years of corporate management experience. Simones, the newest partner at Bill Moore, is experienced in the institutional side of investment business. Both are licensed financial advisors.

Clients will still find the same quality services as always, such as personal and business retirement planning, and information and advice on individual stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Krutsinger said that having additional partners on board with the merger means they will "be able to provide a broader base of services for clients while at the same time able to meet specific needs."

"It was a natural fit," he said, "to bring in those with complementary views, so that we can expand our services."

Northwest Quadrant Wealth Management can be reached in John Day at 575-1223, or toll free at 1-800-201-1223. Visit www.myeaglenews.com for a link to the firm's website.

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