Hi All,

I can not let Cammie get ahead of me in blogging...No Way...hahah

But really I just wanted to post that so far I am down 1.5 pnds. I am about to finish up day three with no sugar, and so far every day I have used my treadmill for more then a shoe rack/laundry basket holder...ect...

So how are you all doing? Come on Team...we are to boost each other up, to do that you have to come on board!

Oh also I am eating small meals, for the simple reasoning that if you do not over eat, your body will not store food as fat! What a concept! and when I get hungrey in a few hours I will have a little something eles, I think I am avrg about 900 to 1200 calories. I am so hopeful! we'll see...Talk to you soon.

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