Brothers and Sisters! No, it's not a remake of the short-lived television series that made a futile attempt to cash in on the popularity of the movie, "Animal House," several years ago.

Rather, it refers to the six-pack of siblings that make up an integral part of the Monument/Dayville boys and girls basketball teams for the 2005/06 season.

Four members of the talented group are recent transplants while the remaining two have lived in the area all their lives.

Heading up the bunch are senior Beau Cruise and his sister, junior Madi Anspach, the "eldest" of the sextet.

Cruise transferred from Prineville to the Monument School District midway through last year's basketball season, while Anspach moved to Monument from Ellensburg, Wash, where she lived with her father.

Also transferring during last year's basketball season were sophomore Trent Richardson and his sister, Savanna, a junior. The Richardsons both played basketball for Paisley before moving to Dayville and the Broncos' loss was the Tigers' gain.

Cody Flower, who is a freshman, and his sophomore sister, Jessica, are the youngest and the only Dayville "natives" in the group.

Savanna Richardson said her former hometown is not that much different than Dayville.

"Paisley is in Lake County about 40 miles from Lakeview," she said. "The school is just about the same size as Dayville, but then they got the dorm going and now they have about 50 students."

Richardson said she played basketball for Paisley during freshman year and half of the sophomore season.

"Then I moved up here and played for Monument/Dayville half of my sophomore year," she said.

Richardson's father is self employed in the saddle-making business and one of the reasons the family moved to Grant County was for the hunting, fishing and outdoor activities.

"I think the competition is a little better here (in the TriCo League) than it was in Paisley," she said. "There is a little bit more experience and better ball handlers on the teams."

Richardson said the oldest of the kids still living at home.

"I have a 23-year-old brother in addition to Trent and a younger sister," she said.

A multi-sport athlete, Richardson also plays volleyball where she was the Tigers' setter this past season.

"I'm thinking about running track this year," she said. "I've never done it before.

Richardson said she likes all kinds of music.

"Anything with a beat," she said. "As far as food goes, I love my dad's chicken fried steak and elk meat."

In her first year on the varsity team, Jessica Flower is one of the Lady Tigers' spark plugs and a player who will only get better as she matures and gains additional experience.

"I'm the oldest in my family," she said. "Cody is a year younger and then I have a younger sister and a younger brother."

Flower said she has attended Dayville schools all her life.

"I played basketball and volleyball in junior high and I really love volleyball," she said. "I think the most fun I've had in sports is watching myself improve during the season."

A "country girl" all they way, Flower said country music is what she enjoys listening to.

"As far as food goes, I like pepperoni pizza the best," she said.

Anspach, a junior is also a multi-talented gal both on and off the court.

"I started playing basketball in Ellensburg when I was in the first or second grade and I've played ever since," she said. "My parents got divorced and I moved down to Monument last year with my father."

Anspach's father is a cattleman who is in a corporation with the Durkee Ranch.

"My dad had the opportunity to move his cattle down to the Durkee Ranch so that's what we did," she said. "The last couple of years we raised pure-bred Charloais cattle and then we bought into Black Angus. Now we are raising pure-bred Black Angus and also Hereford cattle."

Naturally, Anspach is active in the Future Farmers of America.

She also played volleyball for the Tigers during the fall season and now is a starting player on the basketball team.

"My favorite of the two is basketball, but my real love is playing softball," she said. "I'm really into softball, but the don't offer it here."

Anspach was advised that Grant Union and Prairie City are co-opting for a girls softball team this year and said she just might talk to coach Deanna Nash to see if they would be interested in another player.

Anspach said she wasn't particular about her music.

" I don't prefer anything, as long as it's good," she said. "As far as eating is concerned, I enjoy sit-down dinners. I'm not into 'grab it and growl.'"

A veteran of the Tigers' junior high program, freshman Cody Flower is in his first season of varsity competition.

Small numbers on the varsity boys team has allowed Flower to get a lot of time on the court despite his youth and inexperience.

"I would have to say my best experience in sports so far has been just getting to play on the varsity team," he said.

Flower said he also plays football, but wasn't on the team this season.

"I hurt my back and hopefully it will be better by next year," he said. "I really want to play (football)."

For recreation, Flower said he likes to read and is also sort of an outdoor guy.

"Sometimes I like to do things outdoors, take hikes and stuff like that," he said.

Trent Richardson played football for the combined Mitchell/Dayville/Monument team and was voted an honorable-mention all-league defensive lineman last fall.

He said he played basketball for Paisley during his freshman year and also wrestled for the Broncos.

"I think the league up here (the TriCo) is a little bit harder league than the one Paisley plays in," he said. "Every team has some good players."

Richardson said he is also thinking about running track for Dayville this year.

"I haven't done track before, but I'm thinking about it," he said.

Listing barbecued pork ribs as his favorite food, Richardson said he didn't have any preference when it came to music.

"I like most all of it," he said.

The talented senior Cruise didn't play high school sports when he attended Crook County in Prineville.

"The last time I played was in the eighth grade," he said. "I didn't play anything in in high school."

Since moving to Monument last year with his mother, he was voted an honorable mention defensive halfback and an honorable-mention offensive end as a member of last season's MDM football team.

"I made all-league, that was nice, but I think my best experience in sports was being the high scorer in a couple of basketball games this year," he said.

Cruise said when he isn't playing sports or going to school, he likes to rope and help his dad with the cattle at the ranch.

"Food? I really like enchiladas," he said with a smile.

Relatives involved in athletics at Monument/Dayville is not exclusive to brothers and sisters.

Troy Richardson, father of Trent and Savanna, is the assistant boys basketball coach and is hoping for a job on the football staff next year and Joanne Flower, mother of Cody and Jessica, is the Tigers' head volleyball coach.

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