The march of the Grant County Fair winners continues.

Talent Search

Child Division: first, Katie Johnson; second, Quinn Larson and Max Bailey. Youth Division: first, Gracie Rasmussen; second, Nick Springer. Adult Division: first, Shaylee Joslin; second, Paige Lupien.

Trike Races

• 6 -7 years:

First place: Macy Carter, age 6, 9.22 seconds, won $15; Second place: Andrew Hunt, age 7, 9.34 seconds, $10; Third place: Ryan Coalwell, age 6, 9.70 seconds, $5.

• 4 -5 years:

First place: Fallan Giffin, age 5, 7.90 seconds, $15; Second place: Savannah Watterson, age 5, 12.52 seconds, $10; Third place: Nicholos Stiner, age 5, 20.60 seconds, $5

• 3 and under:

First place: Cooper Holly, age 3, 11.11 seconds, $15; Second place: Taytn Harper, age 3, 12.8 seconds, $10; Third place: Aiden Martell, 18.0 seconds, $5

Watermelon Spitting

• Men

First place: Terry Coalwell, 35 feet 2 inches; Second place: Jay Colson, 20 feet 10.5 inches

• Women

First place: Jan Keil, 30 feet 8.5 inches; Second place: Shana Hunt, 23 feet 8 inches

• Youth, 8 - 15 years old

First place: Collin Harvey, age 13, 27 feet 4.75 inches; Second place: Grayson Jenson, age 12, 19 feet 1 inch

• Children, 7 years old and under

First place: Ryan Coalwell, age 6, 8 feet; Second place: Raney Anderson, age 7, 7 feet 7 inches


Sammie Laurance, LaRue Broughton and Sharla Bentley took top honors for pies. Shana Hunt won first place in the “Other” category.


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