JOHN DAY — Some evacuations have been lifted, including the Level 1 alert in Seneca, and others have been decreased in a few areas affected by the Canyon Creek Complex fire.

Some roads also have re-opened.

However, Level 3 evacuations involving the Jerry’s Draw fire north of Prairie City remain in effect for residences on Ricco Ranch Road, Standard Creek, Dean Creek Road and Dixie Creek from the end of the pavement north past the fire boundary.

A Level 2 evacuation also is in effect for Dixie View.

Jerry’s Draw has burned 248 acres, according to the Oregon Department of Forestry.


Level 3 Evacuations: Canyon Creek Complex

• The area west of County Road 62, south of the forest boundary (milepost 12) and north of Forest Road 16 to the junction of Forest Road 15/16 is in a level 3 evacuation. (County Road 62 and the 16 are open for through travel.)


Decreased to Level 2: Canyon Creek Complex:

•South on Dog Creek Road to Little Dog Creek

  • · Upper end of Pine Creek Road from Berry Ranch Lane

• From J – L south to the end of County Road 65.


Level 1 evacuations: Canyon Creek Complex:

•Adams Road and Adams Drive Marysville

•Eagle Peak Gardner Ranch

• Pineview Buckhorn

• Edgewood Little Pine

• Rebel Hill Lower Pine Creek from Berry Ranch Lane


Lifted evacuations for the Canyon Creek Complex are:

• Canyon Creek along Hwy. 395, from the fire perimeter north at Canyon City to the J-L Ranch

• Izee-Paulina Road from Hwy 395


• Nan’s Rock Road, Laycock Creek Road, Luce Creek, West Bench Road


Re-opened roads:

• Marysville from U.S. Highway. 395 to Dog Creek and the junction of U.S. Highway 26

Road Closures:

• Highway 395 remains closed

• Homeowners on the lower Little Canyon Mountain Trail area can also access their homes.

• The 15 road remains closed.

• South from Dog Creek to Little Dog Creek is closed

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