Spanish-Trip Fundraiser

<I>Contributed</I><BR>Some of the members of Grant Union's Spanish Club, left to right: Andrew Judd, Caleb Sturgill, Matt Becker, Rhett Elliott, teacher's aid Alejo Ortiz, Angie Allen, Sheila Mezzo and Sabrina Hoffman.

JOHN DAY - Grant Union High School's Spanish club will be going to Argentina next summer. The trip will last two to three weeks and the students will travel to many beautiful destinations throughout the country, including a ski resort called "Bariloche," the Iguaza Water Falls in Misiones, and Buenos Aires. They will have an opportunity to shop, spend a day with Argentinian cowboys "gauchos" at a typical ranch, eat traditional meals, and see a tango show.

The students are excited about the trip. Each of them had different ideas about what they were looking forward to the most.

"Everything, especially the sight seeing," Thea Chesley said.

"The cultural differences," said Sabrina Hoffman.

"The experience and all the things I'll learn while I'm there," Sheila Mezzo said.

"I'm looking forward to practicing Spanish and meeting new people and learning a new culture," Angie Allen said.

"The fun dance clubs and what-not," Mathew Becker said.

"Snowboarding and the Andes," Andrew Judd said.

"The snow, the mountains and snowboarding," Tyler Webb agreed.

"The Argentinian ladies," Caleb Sturgill said.

"Shopping for a purse for my mom," Rhett Elliott said with a smile.

In order to be in the Spanish club, students must be taking Spanish III. This is an advanced Spanish course that improves vocabulary so that the students will be able to have conversations in Spanish.

"This summer I had about five students that challenged Spanish II, in order to be in Spanish III," said Spanish teacher Mr. Pulleiro.

The students had to study on their own during the summer and take a 100-question exam.

Brittany Gilliam and Jaime Cernazanu will also be going on the trip.

The students must pay their own plane fare, which will cost about $1,000. They hope to raise enough money through fund-raisers to pay their living expenses while there.

The first fund-raiser will be a performance by "Ritmos de Sudamerica," a Spanish dance group from Utah who will perform typical dances from Latin America. The show begins at 6:30 p.m. and will end at about 8 p.m. Oct. 7 at the high school. Spanish food will be available. Tickets are available at GUHS. Adults $7; and children, students, senior citizens $4. Info: Mr. Pulleiro at 575-1799.

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