JOHN DAY - Cherise Holmstrom, Stephen Binger, Brianna Murphy-Johnston and Caitlin Bullock took first place in their respective divisions last month at the County Level of the State Spelling Contest.

Here's a look at the top three of each division:

Primary: Grades 1-3

First, Cherise Holmstrom, grade 3, Humbolt Elementary School. Parents: Marty and Stacie Holmstrom.

Second, Aimee Wood, grade 3, Prairie City School. Parents: Jim and Nancy Wood.

Third, McKenzie Davis, grade 3, Prairie City School. Parents: Kim and Jim Davis.

Division I: Grades 4-5

First, Stephen Binger, grade 5, Long Creek School. Parents: Earl and Heather Binger.

Second, James Hixenbaugh, grade 4, Long Creek School. Parents: James and Charissa Hixenbaugh.

Third, Bradley Woodell, grade 4, Monument School. Parents: Brian and Carmin Woodell.

Division II: Grades 6-8

First, Brianna Murphy-Johnston, grade 7, Seneca School. Parents: Glen Johnston and Peggy Murphy.

Second, Savannah Kowing, grade 8, Mt. Vernon Middle School. Parents: Steve and Tami Kowing.

Third, Jason Liddel, grade 8, Prairie City School. Parent: Taunia Pruner.

Division III: Grades 9-12

First, Caitlin Bullock, grade 10, Grant Union High School. Parent: Julie Bullock.

Second, Tyler Cramer, grade 11, Long Creek High School. Parent: Robert Cramer.

Third, Shantra Hannibal, grade 12, Dayville High School. Parents: David and Angie Hannibal.

The contest was coordinated May 10 at the John Day Elks Club by Vickie Harrison, Stacie Holmstrom and Jo Sproul, with Grant County Education Service District and volunteers from the community. Retired teachers Lois Wacken, Beth Spell, Darlene Muzzy and Sondra Lino read the spelling words to the students. Volunteers Teresa Bruning, Tim Sprenger and Andrea Combs graded tests. Bruning stayed after to help with cleanup. Robert Waltenburg provided the entertainment while the tests were being graded.

Division I, II and III first-place winners are eligible to attend the state spelling contest Sept. 3 at the Oregon State Fairgrounds.

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