Thursday, Oct. 3FootballGU (JV)Fruitland, Idaho (A)6:30 p.m. MTVolleyballLCHSUkiah (H)5 p.m.Friday, Oct. 4FootballGUHSJoseph (A)7:30 p.m.PCHSCove (H)7 p.m.MDMJordan Valley (A)2 p.m.SoccerGU (JV)Pendleton JV-2 (A)3 p.m.LCHSRiverside JV (A)1 p.m.VolleyballGUHSJoseph (A) V-JV-C4 p.m.PCHSCove (H) V-JV4 p.m.M/DJordan Valley (A)4:30 p.m.Saturday, Oct. 5SoccerGUHSCascade Locks (H)2 p.m.GU (JV)Mt. Bachelor (H)noonVolleyballGUHSJV T. (H) JV-C9 a.m.PCHSGrant Union T. (A) V9 a.m.LCHSGrant Union T. (A)9 a.m.RodeoRCR/CRC Roping at Rudio Creek Ranch10 a.m.Tuesday, Oct. 8VolleyballM/DLong Creek (A)5 p.m.LCHSMon./Day. (H)5 p.m.Thursday, Oct. 10FootballGU (JV)Pendleton (H)4 p.m.VolleyballM/DHarper/Hunt. at Day.TBASoccerLCHSGrant Union JV (A)4 p.m.Friday, Oct. 11FootballGUHSEnterprise (A)7:30 p.m.PCHSPowder Valley (H)7 p.m.MDMHarper/Hunt. at Mit.2 p.m.SoccerGU (JV)Burns (H)3 p.m.VolleyballGUHSEnterprise (A) V-JV-C3 p.m.PCHSPowder V. (H) V-JV4 p.m.Saturday, Oct. 12SoccerGUHSHorizon Christian (H)2 p.m.VolleyballGUHSRiverside (H) V-JV-CnoonGUHSMac-HI (H) V-JV-C6 p.m.M/DBurnt River T. (A)TBALCHSHuntington (A)2 p.m.Tuesday, Oct. 15FootballGU (JV)Baker (A)4 p.m.SoccerGUHSUmatilla (A)4 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 17SoccerGUHSFruitland, Idaho (H)4:30 p.m.VolleyballGUHSBurns (A) V-JV-C4 p.m.M/DUkiah (A)5 p.m.Friday, Oct. 18FootballGUHSUnion (H)7:30 p.m.PCHSWallowa (A)TBAMDMSpray/Wheeler (A)2 p.m.SoccerGU (JV)Mac-Hi (H)1 p.m.LCHSUkiah (H)noonVolleyballGUHSUnion (H) V-JV-C4 p.m.PCHSWallowa (A) V-JVTBAM/DSpray (A)4:30 p.m.LCHSBurnt River (H)3 p.m.Saturday, Oct. 19VolleyballPCHSLeague T. (Baker) VTBAM/DTiger T. at Mon.9 a.m.LCHSTiger T. at Mon. (A)9 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 22SoccerGUHSHorizon Christian (H)3:30 p.m.Thursday, Oct. 24FootballGU (JV)Nyssa (A)4 p.m. MTVolleyballLCHSMitchell (A)5 p.m.SoccerGU (JV)Mt. Bachelor (H)4 p.m.Friday, Oct. 25FootballGUHSNyssa (H)7 p.m.PCHSFirst round 1A PlayoffsTBAMDMFirst round 1A playoffsTBASoccerLCHSRiverside JV (H)1 p.m.VolleyballGUHSNyssa (H) V-JV-C4 p.m.LCHSSpray T.9 a.m.Saturday, Oct. 26SoccerGUHSDistrict Playoffs 2 p.m.VolleyballPCHSCrane (H) V-JVTBAM/DSpray T. (A)9 a.m.LCHSSpray T. (A)9 a.m.Tuesday, Oct. 29SoccerGUHSDistrict 1st seed match (TBA)3:30 p.m.VolleyballGUHSRiverside (A) V-JV-CnoonThursday, Oct. 31FootballGU (JV)Vale (A)5 p.m. MTFriday, Nov. 1FootballGUHSPine Eagle (A)1 p.m.PCHSSecond round 1A playoffsTBASaturday, Nov. 2VolleyballPCHSDistrict Tournament at GUHS9 a.m.M/DDistrict Tournament at GUHS9 a.m.LCHSDistrict Tournament at GUHS9 a.m.GUHSDistrict at Enterprise1 p.m.SoccerGUHSFirst round state playoffsTBA

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