SALEM - The Oregon Department of Agriculture released its Gypsy Moth Detection Program report, as updated through Aug. 28, and noted a new catch in Baker City.

Total number of gypsy moths trapped was 22: Eugene, Lane County: (16 moths); Gresham, Multnomah County (1 moth); Portland, Multnomah County (1 moth); Sandy, Clackamas County (1 moth); Eagle Creek, Clackamas County (1 moth);Riddle, Douglas County (1 moth); and Baker City, Baker County (1 moth)

The Oregon Department of Agriculture continues checking more than 16,000 gypsy moth traps that were placed statewide earlier this year. The latest detection brings the statewide total of gypsy moths caught to 22. Laboratory testing will be done to confirm whether the moths are European or Asian.

The new detection in Baker City was made in a recreational vehicle park, ODA reported. Out-of-state RVs have been known to transport the pest from gypsy moth-infested areas of the U.S. Gypsy moths normally enter Oregon by hitching a ride on vehicles or outdoor household articles originating from infested areas of the United States.

There have been no additional detections in Eugene, Gresham, Portland, Sandy, Eagle Creek and Riddle, where gypsy moths were detected earlier this summer.

Additional traps have been placed in areas where gypsy moths have been detected.

There have been no detections of gypsy moth in the Fisher (Five Rivers) area of southeast Lincoln County, the site of this year's only gypsy moth eradication project in Oregon. Last year, three gypsy moths were trapped in the area.

Early detection and eradication of gypsy moth infestations are goals of the Oregon Department of Agriculture to prevent economic and environmental losses to Oregon, either by restrictive quarantines on commodities or by the loss of foliage and even trees due to expanding gypsy moth populations.

Traps will continue to be inspected until they are removed in late September. We will issue updates as new information becomes available.

For more information, contact Kathleen Johnson at (503) 986-4662.

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