Last call for ballots

Putting ballots through the tabulating machine on Monday in the Malheur County Clerk’s office were election workers Sheena Moore, in the foreground, and Jane Luther. Content Exchange



Joseph Biden: 766

Bernie Sanders: 162

Elizabeth Warren: 55

Tulsi Gabbard: 37

Write-ins: 69

U.S. Senator:

Jeff Merkley:956

Write-ins: 30

U.S. Representative, 2nd District:

Jack Howard: 106

John P. Holm: 114

Nick (Nik) L Heuertz: 195

Alex Spense: 242

Chris Vaughn: 238

Write-ins: 60

Secretary of State:

Mark D. Hass: 225

Jamie McLeod-Skinner: 447

Shemia Fagan: 317

Write-ins: 24

State Treasurer:

Tobias Read: 878

Write-ins: 25

Attorney General:

Ellen Rosenblum: 907

Write-ins: 15

State Senator, 30th District:

Carina M Miller: 871

Write-ins: 37

State Representative, 60th District:

Beth E Spell: 389

Isabelle Fleurand: 385

Write-ins: 44

County Commissioner, Position 2:

Byron Shock: 865

Write-ins: 65



Donald J Trump: 3,640

Write-ins: 99

U.S. Senator:

Paul J Romero Jr: 1,039

Robert Schwartz: 397

Jo Rae Perkins: 1,597

John Verbeek: 261

Write-ins: 12

U.S. Representative, 2nd District:

Mark R Roberts: 33

Knute C Buehler: 369

Cliff Bentz: 3,058

Kenneth W Mendenbach: 13

Jeff Smith: 13

Travis A Fager: 41

Justin Livingston: 12

Jimmy Cumpacker: 214

Glenn Carey: 3

David R Campbell: 10

Jason A Atkinson: 77

Write-ins: 6

Secretary of State:

Kim Thatcher: 2,748

Dave Stauffer: 570

Write-ins: 13

State Treasurer:

Jeff Gudman: 2,948

Write-ins: 14

Attorney General:

Michael Cross:2,818

Write-ins: 38

State Senator, 30th District:

Lynn Findley: 3,440

Write-ins: 24

State Representative, 60th District:

Mark Owens: 3,206

Write-ins: 14

County Commissioner, Position 2:

Jim Mendiola: 1,342

Ron Jacobs: 1,446

Larry Wilson: 990

Write-ins: 4


Judge of the Supreme Court, Position 1:

Thomas A Balmer: 2,942

Van Pounds: 2,010

Write-ins: 12

Judge of the Supreme Court, Position 7:

Martha Walters: 4,215

Write-ins: 36

Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 11:

Joel DeVore: 2,588

Kyle L Krohn: 2,235

Write-ins: 14

Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 1:

Josephine H Mooney: 4,167

Write-ins: 42

Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 12:

Erin C Lagesen: 4,185

Write-ins: 40

Judge of the Court of Appeals, Positions 13:

Doug Tookey: 4,160

Write-ins: 38


County Assessor:

David J Ingram: 4,731

Write-ins: 29

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