BURNS - The next Steens Mountain Advisory Council meeting is scheduled for 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday and Tuesday, Sept. 15-16, in the South/Middle Sisters conference room at the Riverhouse Motel, 3075 North Business 97, in Bend.

The Monday meeting will open with updates followed by the introduction of a new facilitation process. The remainder of Monday and all of Tuesday morning will be dedicated to discussing wilderness inholder access. Following lunch on Tuesday, the SMAC will discuss fence construction in Kiger Gorge, plan the November agenda, and set the 2004 meeting schedule before adjourning. Any other matters that may reasonably come before the SMAC may also be discussed at anytime during the two-day meeting. A copy of the complete draft agenda is available from the Web site at www.or.blm.gov/Steens, then go to "advisory council."

The public can attend all portions of the meeting and contribute during public comment sessions scheduled at 11 a.m. each day. Those who orally address the SMAC during the public comment period are asked to provide a written statement of their presentation as well. Unless otherwise approved by the SMAC, public comment periods will last no longer than 30 minutes, and each speaker may address the SMAC for a maximum of five minutes.

Information to be distributed to SMAC members must be sent to Rhonda Karges at the Burns District Office, 28910 Hwy. 20 West, Hines, Or 97738, no later than 10 days prior to the meeting. General information sent to the Burns District office can be forwarded to SMAC, if instructions "COPY TO SMAC" are indicated on the envelope and enclosed document(s).

Current SMAC members and their representation include: Richard Benner, no financial interest; Stacy Davies, grazing permittee; Alice Elshoff, environmental representative, local; E. Ron Harding, wild horse management; Tom Harris, chair-mechanized or consumptive recreation; Wanda Johnson, Burns Paiute Tribe; Jason Miner, fish and recreational fishing; Jerry Sutherland, vice-chair, environmental representative, state; Hoyt Wilson, grazing permittee; Cynthia Witzel, recreation permit holder; Harland Yriarte, private landowner; Steve Purchase, state government liaison (non-voting member); Karla Bird, Andrews Resource Area field manager is designated federal official.

For more information, call Karges at (541)573-4400 or visit the Steens Web site at http://www.or.blm.gov/Steens.

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