BEND - The Stewart scholarships, established in 2007 to help Grant County residents pursue their education, will assist 176 individuals this year.

The Wayne Stewart Foundation is distributing $305,575 in scholarships this year, according to Cheri L. Chaffey of U.S. Bank, which is managing the trust.

The scholarship money comes from a perpetual education fund that is the legacy of the estates of Wayne Stewart, his wife Jane Quayle Stewart and his son Eminger Stewart III.

The 2010 recipients include:

Preston Ake

Catlyn Armstrong

Tilli Armstrong

Hilary Ashmead

Kaylee Ausland

Kayla Barrietua

Hanna Bass

Zachery Baughman

Kristen Bennett

Jessica Bentley

Miranda Berry

Trevor Bilbeisi

Kevin Boss

Casey Brizendine

Lacy Bruce

Amanda Buckhaults

Sabrina Buckhaults

Parker Burton

Jamie Cernazanu

Russell Clark

Morgan Cleaver

Jake Combs

Ben Corley

Kelly Coxen

Gavin Crisler

Taylor Croghan

Lucas Cronin

Marc DesJardin

Austin Drewett

Jacob Ellison

Zachary Gagnon

Nina Gast

Kyra Gee

Danielle Gibbons

Samantha Greif

Kaitlin Hansen

Kristina Hansen

Terry Hanson

Cole Hawkins

Stephanie Hendricksen

Joan Henry

Edward Hicks

Sabrina Hoffman

Stacie Holmstrom

Joseph Hutchison

Melinda Hutchison

Gage Immoos

Emily Johns

Timothy Jones

Kelsey Josi

Shaylee Joslin

Jay Kimball

Alina King

Amanda King

Gustin King

Susan King

Kirsten Kowing

Savannah Kowing

Alex Krausse

Audrey Lallatin

Dustin Lane

Kelsi Livran

Brady Long

Shelby Long

Alyse Lundbom

Colleen Malaney

Matthew Martin

Ivan McDaniel

Gabriel McKern

Jesse McManus

Charles McNeil

Mikayla Meyerholz

Oanh Miller

Barbara Miller-Sohr

Billie Jo Moore

Lincoln Mosier

Ashley Mund

Brianna Murphy-Johnston

Garrett Murray

Zane Murray

Shelly Myers

Megan Nash

Mary Neal

Wendy Neal

Kimberly Neault

Rebekah Neely

Noel Nelson

Alec Oliver

Michael Oliver

Katelyn Page

Katie Page-Hoberg

Otilia Pang

Ankit Patel

Caitlin Patten

Jana Peterson

Michelle Peterson

Dillon Porter

Laci Powell

Joseph Ramirez

Kerry Randall

Stephaine Randall

Sam Rawlins

Brett Reed

Jacee Retherford

Kelsi Reyes

William Rockhill

Sina Ross

Rachel Sagaser

William Sevey

Robert Skinner

Ashley Slinkard

Connor Smith

Meghan Smith

Nicholas Smith

Ryne Smith

Jamison Soupir

Micah Sprouffske

Jessica Stearns

Katheryn Stoddard

Lacey Stonerod-Pereira

Tiffany Sullens

Brandy Vandehey

Daniel Vandehey

Stephanie Vargas

Laura Verstoppen

Brandi Voigt

Levi Voigt

Riccola Voigt

Yazzie Voigt

Marzuri Waggoner

Jordan Walker

Joshua Walker

Melissa Walker

Lindsey Webb

Greg Whelan

Issac Whitman

Joshua Wiese

Breanna Wilson

Emma Winkelman

Marley Winkelman

Kaitlin Woosley

Rashauna Workman

Nathan Wunz

? Note: U.S. Bank releases only the names of the recipients who, on application, agreed to have their names published.

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