This year, the 2016-17 Wayne Stewart Scholarship will provide $567,400 to divide among 108 Grant County students seeking higher education goals.

The distribution amount is down by $13,600, compared with last year; the amount available depends on how the stock market performs.

The scholarships benefit Grant County students of all ages who qualify, thanks to the late benefactors Wayne Stewart of Dayville and his son Eminger Stewart III of Mt. Vernon, who made provisions in their wills to set up a perpetual education fund upon their death.

The funds are managed by the U.S. Bank’s private client group in Bend.

Recipients can use the funds for undergraduate, trade or graduate school educational expenses, up to a total of five years.

Grant County Education Service District Supervisor Robert Waltenburg said the scholarship opens up opportunities for local students.

“It’s an amazing gift by the Stewart family to provide for our kids,” he said. “It’s an extremely generous gift, making possibilities happen for them.”

Superintendent/Principal Earl Pettit said graduates at Monument School have been consistent in applying for the Stewart Scholarship.

“It has a tremendous impact on our students when they head off for college,” he said. “It’s the best scholarship we have in Grant County.”

For more information about the scholarship, visit, and click on the “Stewart Scholarship” at the bottom right of the page.

Below, are the students who’ve consented to have their names published (98) and the amount they’ve been awarded:

Ninety-six students who are receiving $5,300 consented to having their names published: Hannah Andrews Rhiannon Bauman Daniel Bentz, Tucker Billman, Charli Ann Bowden, Hannah Brandsma, Samantha Brock, Wendy Burril, Zachary Carpenter, Gerald Carter, Rheanna Cartner, Stephan Charette, Stephanie Croghan, Christina DeHaven, Dominic DeHaven, Ersela Dehiya, Logan Delano, Hannah Deming, Triston Emmel, Melissa Erickson, Bud Farmer, Marta Faulkner, Hannah Flower, Sage Flower, Catrina Gabbard, Donald Gabbard, Kya Gabbard, Justin Gabignaud, Levi Gagnon, Carli Gardner, Nathan Gehley, Jessica Gray, Brenton Groves, Julianne Hanson, Doris Harper, Lucinda Harper, Garrett Hitz, Michel Hitz, Rayne Houser, Rayce Houser, Renee Inscore, Nancy Jimenez, Janelle King, Jeannie Kline, Amy Lallatin, Jessica Lane, Justin Larson, Avery Lenz, Kelsey Long, Michael Luttrell, Mikayla Luttrell, Tyler Manitsas, Jeannie McCarthy, Jennifer McCloskey, Taylor McCluskey, Garrett McConnell, Sarah McNeil, Ashley Metcalf, Mariah Meyerholz, Tanner Moodenbaugh, Railey Namitz, Trinity Nash, Cody Nielsen, Dallas Olson, Katrina Page, Harsh Patel, Michelle Peterson-Carpenter, Daryl Ann Powell, Dylan Powell, Skylar Powell, Walker Powell, Keila Qual, Quinton Dawson, Mark Rogers, Diana Sandersfeld, Joshua Shaffer, Joshua Skinner, Ashley Slinkard, Jocelynn Smith, Samantha Snyder, Trent Sohr, Joshua Taynton, Maya Thomas, Carmen Vaughan, Joan Walczyk, Auna Waldner, Jamie Waltenburg, Garrett Warner, Wyatt Weaver, McKenzie Wilson, Jessica Winegar, Tel Winegar, Braden Witty, Mackenzie Woodcock, Zackary Wyllie and Amaya Zweygardt.

Amy Black and Vanessxa Houpt each were awarded $2,800.

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