JOHN DAY - Grant Union High School's canned food drive is off to a great start and students and staff are confident that they will reach their goal of 2,500 pounds.

By Monday, Dec. 11, over 1,500 pounds of canned goods were collected. That may be good news for the local food bank, but some of the students are getting nervous about what they have agreed to do.

Mat Becker and Caleb Sturgill have agreed to have their legs waxed.

"Right now I'm kinda calm. That could be because I have a warrior-like mentality or because I don't know what I'm getting myself into, but I think I'm going to scream and cry," Mat Becker said.

"To be completely honest, I'm pretty frightened. I've actually had nightmares and I will most likely shed some tears," Caleb Sturgill said.

Zach DeRosier also agreed to have his legs waxed. He was unavailable for comment, but sources said he was terrified.

Here's the list of students, staff and community members and what they have agreed to do at the pep assembly at 3:04 Dec. 14 in the gym.

?-2,500 lbs. Officers Gordon Larson (Pie in the face), OSP; Sheriff Glenn Palmer and Police Chief Rich Tirico (either pie in the face or kiss the pig).

?-2,400 lbs.-Chance F./Mr. P. will shave their heads.

?-2,000 lbs. Chance F./Mr. P. will dye hair (black / blonde).

?-1,500 lbs. Students will wear hats inside school until Christmas break.

?-1,300 lbs. Brittany G. will dye her hair red.

?-900 lbs. Matthew B. /Caleb S. will have their legs waxed.

?-600 lbs.-Mr. Jones (1/2- beard - 1/2 shaved).

?-500 lbs.-Mr. Cosgrove (Chocolate pudding cover - Sundae).

?-400 lbs.-Mrs. Reynolds/ Mr. Henry (Pie in face).

?-300 lbs.-Mrs. Reynolds (Kiss the pig).

?-250 lbs.-Mr. Pulleiro (grow beard until pep assembly Dec. 14).

?-200 lbs.-Mr. Witty (military haircut).

?-150 lbs.-Mrs. Miller (dressed like man).

?-100 lbs.-Mr. Labhart (Beaver hat for 2 weeks).

Info: GUHS at 575-1799.

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