CANYON CITY - The Gertrude L. McRae Scholarship fund will provide $9,400 in scholarships this fall for college students from the region.

The recipients were selected by a citizen committee last month. The scholarships go to the students' colleges to be applied to direct educational costs.

The 2010 scholarships include:

?$1,000 each to seniors Marc DesJardin, history major, at Western Oregon University; Kerry Randall, health science, Brigham Young University-Idaho; Danielle Ricco, accounting and business administration, Warner Pacific College; Micah Sprouffske, Chinese, linguistics, anthropology, University of Oregon; and Levi Voigt, civil engineering, Oregon State University.

? $750 to senior Tilli Armstrong, general science, Oregon State University.

? $500 each to juniors Danielle Barry, radiology at Oregon Institute of Technology; Tyler Webb, politics and economics at Willamette University; and Joshua Wiese, mass communications at Northwest Nazarene University.

? $300 each to juniors James Lemcke, nursing at WOU; Cole Winegar, civil engineering at Oregon Institute of Technology; and Marley Winkleman, dental hygiene at OIT.

? $200 to Rachel Sagaser, junior in veterinary technology, Treasure Valley College; Parker Burton, sophomore in ag and bio engineering, University of Idaho; Daniel DesJardin, sophomore in general agriculture at OSU; Taylor Croghan, sophomore in radiologic science at OIT; Sandy Spencer, sophomore in civil engineering at Eastern Oregon University.

? $250 to Stephaine Randall, freshman in social work at BYU-Idaho.

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