Suspects arrested in hit and run case

Medford, Ore. -- Two suspects are in jail tonight after a hit and run that left a woman fighting for her life.

Police said it happened in the parking lot of Fred Meyer on Crater Lake Highway after a drug deal gone wrong. 19 year-old Andrew Arzner and 19 year-old Jerica Stinson were arrested Tuesday morning after a witness recognized the car they were in on the news.

Lieutenant Mike Budreau of Medford Police said they got the call around 8:00 Monday night. Someone reported a woman being ran over in front of the store.

"When we got there she was in very poor condition. She sustained serious injuries," Lt. Budreau said. "Basically she was just scooped up and transported to the hospital."

The victim, 20 year-old Britney Debner, is still in serious condition at Rogue Regional Medical Center. Police say she agreed to meet Arzner and Stinson to buy drugs and that the transaction happened through the open window of a 1987 Toyota 4Runner. Police said Stinson tried to take Debner's money and flee.

"As the vehicle fled she probably instinctively hung on to the vehicle wanting her money back and that's when they started getting out of control," Lt. Budreau said.

Police say Stinson tried to pry Debner's grip from the door and that caused her to fall underneath the car. That's when Arzner drove off and ran over Debner.

"It just goes to show the dangers of an illegal drug transaction. You just don't know what's going to happen. Even in a public place," Lt. Budreau said.

Police arrested the suspects Tuesday morning on Orchard Home Drive after a tip from someone who saw the Toyota on the news. Police said they believe both Arzner and Stinson acted together to rob Debner, but that things took a turn when she resisted her money being taken.

Arzner is facing charges of first and second-degree robbery, second-degree assault, and hit and run injury. His bail is set at $3 billion.

Stinson is facing charges of first and second-degree robbery. Her bail is set at $2 million.

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