Talent uncovered

Lila Barry smiles next to some of her paintings on display at the Grant County Art Association's booth. Photo by Jill Mallory

PRAIRIE CITY - Lila Barry likes to hide images inside her paintings.

In a colorful four-canvas series that depicts a scene inspired by the countryside at Izee, southwest of here, there are 17 animals hidden among the trees and the brush. It's like a wilderness "Where's Waldo?"

"I like to hide things," said Barry, of John Day, one of 30 members of the Grant County Art Association, who displayed several of her oil and watercolor paintings Aug. 7 during the 2nd Annual Arts and Crafts in the Park, held near the city park, across the street from the Kruzer's car show.

Ideas for paintings come to her from the forest, Barry said, and also from other nature scenes.

One of her works was of a lunar eclipse, a scene she wanted to capture for her granddaughter, who could not stay awake to see it.

"I was outside painting in my nighty," Barry said. "My husband thought I was crazy."

Well, it often takes someone who thinks outside the lines to create art - or soap.

Along with a painting of a couple of chickens, Carmen McCormick was selling bars of homemade soap.

McCormick's soap was made with coconut oil, olive oil, essential oils for scent, such as lemon, and about 13 percent tallow as a skin conditioner.

The mixing doesn't take long, but the cakes have to cure for about a month before they are ready to use.

"It's so much fun to make," McCormick said.

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