Ok, so I start running the other day,, here is the hour progress.

Get on treadmill get warmed up

Ok warmed up peel off some of my warm clothing...

Walk for 5 min on incline 8

Walk for 5 more min on 0 incline at 4.2

Start the run up to 6.5, running, running, running, about 5 minutes down the treadmill I am dying. I don't think I have ever been so out of shape in my life... I can feel my belly jiggling, another first, and my lower back.. Holy moly, cramps in my back, ache, oh sheesh,, what are you doing to us kara is all I can hear...

So yes I spent the entire hour on the treadmill but not at a constant run I had to alternate from walking to running. (Yes TR, laughed.. It was a sight to see.)

Umm, do I hear sore? Sore definitely... I can't stand the fact that TR never gets sore... what brat!! And he has lost weight already, I am still about even.... Urrrrggg....

Well keep up the good work everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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