The Ugly Truth Bar & Grill faces a stiff fine or a liquor license suspension after allegations the establishment served an underaged patron and attempted to cover it up.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission served notice of the proposed suspension or civil penalty Dec. 11 to Ali Lenz, president/director/stockholder of The Ugly Truth. The commission proposed suspending the full on-premises sales license for 57 days or assessing a civil penalty of $9,405 for five violations.

Three violations stem from April 20 and/or April 21, when OLCC alleges The Ugly Truth staff members failed to verify the age of Mark Arreguin, a minor who appeared less than 26, permitted him to drink alcohol on the premises and permitted him to be in an area prohibited to minors.

In another violation from April 23, OLCC alleges Lenz or her employees “destroyed, damaged, altered, removed or concealed” video surveillance footage from April 20-21 that was requested by the Oregon State Police.

In a violation May 9, OLCC alleges Lenz or her employees again concealed potential evidence of video surveillance footage from May 8.

OLCC typically has progressive penalties for violations occurring within a two-year period, but four of the violations were discovered concurrently and will only be charged at the first level, according to OLCC.

Two of the violations, however, were allegedly committed by Lenz herself, which carries additional penalties. Three of the violations involved more than one employee, which also carries additional penalties. Based on the circumstances, the OLCC recommended the 57-day suspension or the $9,405 fine.

Lenz has the option to request a hearing to contest the charges. If the full suspension is imposed, it would begin March 9 and end May 5.

Arreguin, born in 1999 from Caruthers, California, has been charged with third-degree assault and driving under the influence of intoxicants. According to information submitted in Grant County Circuit Court by District Attorney Jim Carpenter Oct. 7, Arreguin recklessly caused serious injury to Eliodoro Guzman Arreguin April 21 while operating a vehicle under the influence of intoxicants.


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