Therapy - with a light touch in Prairie City

Nancy Randleas

PRAIRIE CITY - Whether you're looking for pain relief or just interested in overall balance and wellness in your life, Nancy Randleas may be able to help.

In her new business, "Intuitive Integrated Healing," at the Historic Hotel Prairie in Prairie City, Randleas does light-touch healing energy work. She shares business space there with massage therapist Joy Mentgen, of Touch of Joy Massage.

Randleas said a typical session lasts about an hour. In the session, the client's body and energy subconsciously leads the practitioner to show where to apply the needed therapy (not massage) to help heal the pain or stress involved, she said.

"Energy is something that is always present," Randleas said. "It might move around or change shape, but it's always there."

She offers several healing styles: cranial sacral, quantum touch, theta healing and crystal healing.

According to Randleas, these healing methods can help with a variety of ailments including stress, headaches, anger issues, learning disabilities, chronic pain and menstrual cramps.

Clients should wear loose clothing for maximum relaxation, she added, and be expected to remove such items as glasses, shoes and watches, too, for even more comfort.

She also works on animals, "everything from birds to horses," she said.

Randleas, who lives in Mt. Vernon, is available at her office in the hotel twice weekly - 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

She will hold an open house with refreshments 1-3 p.m. this coming Saturday, April 4. She'll offer free demonstrations, answer questions and have information on upcoming classes, which begin April 11.

For more information, call Randleas at 932-4354 or e-mail (

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