DAYVILLE - The Dayville/Monument High School Tiger boys basketball team defeated the Prairie City Panthers 69-40 last Thursday, Feb. 9.

After the second clash of the big cats and a Feb. 10 win over the Mitchell Loggers, the Tigers are undefeated in league and the No. 1 seed for the High Desert League-East, going into this week's 1A-8 District Tournament.

"The Prairie City team is very fast and they have talented athletes, so we expect a hard fought battle each time we play," said Dayville/Monument coach Ron Schafer. "This game was no exception."

"The game was intense and the gym was filled with exuberant fans from both teams. The first half was very close, and it was anyone's ballgame at that point," Schafer said.

At the half, the Tigers led 27-20.

"The Tigers played good defense the entire game and were able to pull away in the second half, scoring 30 points in the fourth quarter," noted Schafer.

Dayville/Monument was led offensively by Colten Winters with 25 points. Justin Larson and Jake Buce each scored 15 points. Jon Kimball had 6; Jamen Schafer, 4.

"The Tigers played with a great intensity and focus - that was fun to watch. I am very pleased with our progress in the last half of our season," said coach Schafer.

Prairie City coach Darren Lemon was disappointed with the loss.

"But we're pleased with the way we played most of the time," he said. "We definitely shone at times, and we took six charges in that game. We did an excellent job, but we weren't able to pull out a victory."

Dayville/Monument's 30 fourth-quarter points were a formidable obstacle.

Lemon said he hopes his team will face, and defeat, the Tigers in the finals of this weekend’s district tournament.

“If we play them at district, we’ll give them a loss,” he said. “The kids would like to see us have one game on top of them this year. We plan to get to state, and we’ll work as hard as we can to get to that next step.”

He lauded Brady Doty, Derek Kell and Mack Clark. Kell held Dayville/Monument’s Larson to 7 points in the first three quarters and 8 in the fourth, and Clark took four charges in the game.

Cole Hoberg led the Panthers with 16 points; Doty and Clark each scored 14; Sawyer Schulze, Kell and Cory Hayes each had 2.

Lemon said the team was glad to see a lot of Panther fans in the stands.

Other Tiger news

Friday, Feb. 10, the Tigers beat the Mitchell Loggers 52-35. Every Tiger player was in the game, and all but one scored, said Schafer.

Justin Larson led scoring with 12 points; Winters, 10; Walker Powell, 8; Jeremy Hand, 6; Jamen Schafer, 5; Kimball and Buce, each 4; Seth Blakeslee, 2; and Max Cooper, 1.

The Tigers also won a 1/2 junior varsity game with Mitchell, 26-9. For the Tigers, Cooper led offensively with 14 points; Blakeslee and Sage Flower each scored 4; Walker Powell and Hand each had 2.

Other Panther news

Prairie City won its final league game Feb. 10 over the Cougars at Ukiah. The final score was 49-36.

While Lemon’s starters began the game, younger players got to play later, particularly in the second half.

Hoberg scored 15 points; Doty, 11; Hayes, 6; Kell and Fernando Ceja, 4 points apiece.


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