JOHN DAY - The Dayville/Monument High School girls basketball team took fourth place in last weekend's District 8-1A Basketball Tournament, missing a shot at state action.

But coach Alec Moore couldn't be more proud.

The girls played three close games, starting with an exciting 40-36 win over the Jordan Valley Lady Mustangs.

They next lost 33-41 to the Harper Lady Hornets, who went on to win the championship.

In their third and final game, the Lady Tigers posted a narrow 33-35 loss in overtime to the Crane Lady Mustangs.

"All three of our games were close, a lot of excitement," said Moore.

The game with Jordan Valley was "wild from start to finish," he noted. "These kids never quit. Twice, they could've given up. Near the end of the game, everybody in the stands thought it was over, but no one on the floor did. They definitely stuck with it, kept pushing, made the right moves. They never thought they were gonna lose that game."

The game included "big shots and big steals, big pressure shots at the end of the game."

Freshman Mary Yankee faced the most pressure she'll likely have in her high school career, noted Moore.

The clock ticking down, Dayville/Monument stole the ball with 5 seconds left, and Yankee got fouled with no time left on the clock.

Her first of two free throws made it - to tie the game.

Her second got halfway down, then popped back out, putting the game into overtime.

The girls hustled, putting 5 points on the board to Jordan Valley's 1, to win the game.

"That was a great win, one of the most exciting games I've ever been a part of," said Moore.

Renee Inscore led the team in scoring with 11 points; Bianca Thomas had 10; Jordin Cowdrey, 8; Alix Perkins and Yankee, 4 apiece; Daryl Ann Waltenburg, 2; and Treiquella Osborne, 1. Thomas contributed 11 rebounds.

The game with Harper was neck and neck - tied 12-12 at the half, and the Lady Tigers led 21-20 going into the fourth.

Harper put up 21 points in the fourth, to Dayville/Monument's 12.

"They outplayed us. They've got some really good players," said Moore. "I'm proud of the way our girls played. It was a tough game, but they played really well."

Thomas scored 10 points; Cowdrey and Waltenburg had 6 each; Osborne, 5; Inscore, Perkins and Yankee, each 2.

Cowdrey and Thomas each had nine rebounds.

The game with Crane was similar to the one with Jordan Valley. The game hinged on overtime, noted Moore.

The Lady Tigers fought their way from behind.

Crane took an early lead, going 11-5 in the first quarter, and Dayville/Monument ralled at 9-7 in the second. Crane led 18-14 at the half.

The action slowed in the third quarter, which ended with Crane leading 22-19.

In the final quarter, the Lady Tigers scored 10 to Crane’s 9, tying the game at 29-29.

In overtime, Crane outscored Dayville/Monument, 6-4.

“My kids never believe they can lose a game. They continue to fight, whether they’re behind or ahead,” said Moore. “I’m extremely proud of the girls. We came a long way this season.

“It’s never fun to lose your last game. But it was another exciting game, Crane just came out on top.”

Cowdrey led with 11 points for the Lady Tigers. Thomas had 10; Osborne, 4; Inscore, 3; Mary Cade and Perkins, each 2; and Yankee, 1.

“Our kids came away from the tournament, improved for the future,” said Moore.

Named to the tournament’s first team was senior Bianca Thomas. Mary Cade, the team’s other senior, made second team.

“I’m very proud of them. They finished their season and basketball career on a great note. They played hard, never showed any quit,” said Moore. “They did a great job. They will be missed next year.”


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