DAYVILLE -"We're best friends." That's the way senior Heather Reilly describes her teammate Tiana Moss. The two combine as the only seniors on the Monument/Dayville volleyball team this year.

At practice, the atmosphere was noisy and filled with laughter. The girls were already warming up and eager to get under way, when head coach Jennifer Flower arrived.

"We've got a great group of girls this year. They aren't competing with each other for stats. They're playing very well as a team," said Flowers.

While they only have two seniors this year, there are seven juniors playing as well. This gives them a lot of experience, and helps their confidence as a team. The Tigers have eight freshmen and sophomores and this should provide a good pool of talent for the next two or three years.

"The older girls help the younger ones, and they really like playing together," said Moss.

The seniors said they thought their team looked,"very good," but stopped short of making any predictions for this season. They both said they wanted to continue keeping a good team-oriented focus for this season.

The Tigers suffered their first loss of the season at Adrian, and are looking to step up and put that loss behind them.

"Adrian is a very tough team with a lot of good athletes," said Flower. "I think we'll get better as more time goes by."

The loss didn't seem to affect any of the players attitudes, and they all laughed and joked as they warmed up. The varsity girls took the lead in the warmups and cheered on the younger players. Even their coach looked to be having a good time.

The Tigers are going to put plenty of talent on the floor this year. The coach and all the girls agreed that it will be just a matter of coming together as a team that will determine how far they go this season. If they can find that crucial combination of talent and chemistry, they just might go a long way.

Tigers hit the court again Friday, Sept. 29 at 4 p.m. against Prairie City Panthers in Dayville.

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