Tornado hits Missouri town

Trenton, Mo. -- (KSHB) A fast moving tornado quickly damaged several homes in rural Missouri, leaving residents to pick up the pieces Thursday afternoon.

The home Callie Heckenbach called home as a teenager, just south of Jameson, Mo., was destroyed.

"It's sad to see it all gone," she said. "A lot of memories here, even though we didn't own it now."

The storm ravaged the unoccupied home her parents built more than 40 years ago. But the afternoon twister destroyed more than bricks and mortar. It destroyed the dreams of a Missouri woman.

"I had always hoped that I would be able to live here someday," Heckenbach said.

The storm tracked east across northern Missouri, eventually jumping 65 Highway and ripping through the property of Diane Chambers.

Chambers and her two adult sons weren't home as the tornado passed over their home and barn. As it went, it peeled back the roof of their home and blew out the windows. Winds wrenched off the garage door and shredded the family's barn, scattering tin and timber across their property.

Diane Chambers, whose husband passed away in January, said she was grateful not only that she and her boys were unharmed, but that the memories kept in the home her family has owned for more than two decades were not destroyed.

"I'm just happy that it's still standing and I didn't lose our pictures and mementos," an emotional Chambers told us.

Before she even made it back to her house Thursday afternoon, Chambers said friends and neighbors had arrived to help with repairs.

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