Tot saves mom

Weymouth, Mass. -- (NECN) She's only 3-years-old, but a Weymouth, Massachusetts girl was honored Wednesday for saving her pregnant mother's life when her intuition led her to call for help during a medical emergency.

Aryanna Lynch, who has watched her mother enter her cell phone password countless times, somehow figured out a way to punch in those numbers with her little fingers when her mother Tiffany Lynch had a seizure and collapsed unconscious on the floor last month.

"It's still shocking to us that it's our kid," said Tiffany Lynch.

Once she punched in the password, she found her cousin's photo next to her phone number and called her. The cousin then called 911 and emergency responders found the house. Aryanna opened the door and Tiffany was rushed to the hospital.

"It's unbelievable. She did an awesome, awesome job. She should be commended and that's why we're all here today. It's unheard of," Weymouth Police Patrolman Tim Jenkins said.

And for the little hero?

She got a special award from Weymouth Police, a badge, an early birthday gift from Walmart and a scholarship to Early Childhood Pre-School. Not bad at all, but the highlight of her day was getting to sit in a police car.

Tiffany recovered and is doing well. She was due this past Monday and is still pregnant with girl number three.

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