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I think what many do not yet believe, much less understand, is that the demise of the American farm and the Canadian farm and the South African farm and the South American farm is a planned demise. It is planned by many non-elected bureaucrats and a few elected ones.

The Wildlands Project is being implemented very rapidly now (wetlands restorations, rewilding the farm states by turning loose not dozens, but hundreds, of predatory animals.) Example: We are now getting the explanation that the cougars were turned loose on us "to control the deer population." It would have been too simple to simply issue more hunting licenses! Using the Endangered Species Act can shut down farming - and logging, mining, ranching, commercial fishing - any place, anytime. Look at the "new" Florida Everglades!

"Heritage Rivers" and other "sacred" places are going to get more and more restrictions on them. I can predict safely, that the more-than-30 miles of creek banks on our place will be required to be fenced - cattle out, deer allowed - within five years. Some lesser bureaucrat friends have told me this, to my face, in the past two years, when we were attending water meetings. At one water quality meeting, I mentioned the fact that deer cause more bank erosion than cattle because of the sharper hoof. You could have heard a pin drop. (Farmers were in the minority in this meeting.)

At another such meeting, we were told by another 25-year-old "expert" that we could probably get more water into state lake(s) by shutting down the irrigation nearby. This would theoretically allow the water to run over the spillways and correct the existing pollution caused by migrating birds. I heard the expression "pristine condition" one too many times and finally told the speaker that I had grown up with the lake in our county, remembering when it was built, and that it had always been a duck and goose pond and was never fit for swimming. Again, you could have heard a pin drop. These are "textbook planners." They have never been subjected to reality.

One Corps of Engineers "expert" was so outraged at my remarks that she was unable to address the group. She actually retreated to the bathroom to smoke a cigarette and calm her nerves!

My point is this: Farming and cattle raising in the Central Plains area are being "phased out" through central planning by starry-eyed bureaucrats. The plan includes returning the area to a giant "buffalo commons." I laughed in 1988 when I first heard the term. I don't laugh anymore because I have seen the maps and have watched the government grab land in the western states occurring at a phenomenal rate.

Look at what has happened in California, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. Add that to what has happened to Wyoming, Montana, and now the Dakotas.

Look at the "Heritage Rivers" springing up on the map and listen to the water planners. We are well on our way to being returned to the "pristine" days of old days without motorized transportation or other things requiring a motor.

The goal is "pre-European settlement condition," and that means that almost all people - except those in management and authority positions chosen to "protect and restore" the landscape - will be removed. A simple search at using "pre-European settlement" will awaken the complacent ones in a hurry!

What bureaucrats fail to realize is that shipped-in food from the Third World will never be a reliable resource. I think we will all have to endure some hunger, some privation, before that revelation occurs within the Washington power structure. One would think that "central planning" would have been discredited with the fall of the Soviet empire. Not so! We have an elite cult in this country that thinks collectively "we can plan better." Lotsa luck!

Laura McCall's maternal grandfather came west in a wagon train in 1879, in a group called the Ohio Colony. After 21 years of education, several degrees and numerous adventures in far-flung places, McCall returned to the farm where her dad was born in 1897, hoping to spend the rest of her life there. She is descended from colonials who fought first in the French-Indian Wars and later in the Revolution.

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