JOHN DAY – A television crew from the eastern European country of Moldova will be in John Day later this month to catch the 2013 SolWest Fair.

According to Jennifer Barker, executive director of EORenew, organizer of the July 26-28 fair, the journalists from capital city of Chisinau are working on a TV series that will examine the economic and environmental benefits from efficient, alternative energy. Their theme is “Stimulating Economic Growth through Green Energy.”

The team will be escorted by George Santulli, a senior TV producer at the U.S. State Department’s Office of Broadcast Support in Washington, D.C. The trip is part of a US-sponsored TV Co-op program that invites some 70 such teams to the U.S. for two-week visits each year.

The news team will be interviewing SolWest organizers, presenters, guests and exhibitors. In addition, they will visit the energy upgrade project at the Grant County Museum, and a local off-grid home.

Moldova, on the eastern border of Romania, lacks any significant natural reserves of fossil fuel, and imports 100 percent of its energy. Developing alternative energy is seen as a key to energy security for the country, although it hasn’t yet gained traction with the public.

“Showing Moldovan journalists American success stories could generate more public discussion on the need to exploit the alternative energy potential of Moldova,” he said.

SolWest Fair will be at the Grant County Fairgrounds, and will offer some 50 workshops and an array of vendors focused on alternative energy and sustainable living. More information is available at and in the SolWest guides distributed by the Eagle in late June.

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