It was another chilly day on Oct. 16, but it didn't keep Clayton Curtis, Carl Johns, Buzz Harris or Marvin Casebeer from being on duty. Buzz also made 11 home deliveries.

Ruth Johns greeted 38 diners. Carl Johns led the flag salute, and Dennis Donovan gave the blessing.

Helen Bogart announced that the Hawaiian luau will be Saturday, Oct. 26, at the John Day Senior Center. Flu shots will be administered at the Prairie City Senior Center on Wednesday, Oct. 23, from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

The drawings netted the following winners: Marvin Casebeer, haircut at Mort's Barber Shop; Barbara Donovan, certificate from Prairie Drug and Village Flowers; Carl Leishman, Lunch Box Deli; and Mel Rookstool, Branding Iron Cafe.

First-timers included Dennis and Barbara Donovan. Slim Williams, Timmie Reusser, Virginia Hymer and Mildred Benson came from Blue Mountain Nursing Home and were accompanied by Shawna Morin and Lorna Ashmead.

The folks from Grace Chapel - Beverly Curtis, Sharon Kimberling and Dennis and Barbara Donovan - served meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, buttered carrots, green salad, wheat rolls and pineapple-upside-down cake.

Those helping to clean up after the meal included Buzz and Marjorie Harris and Carl Johns. Bonnie Lake, Naomi Goslin and Cleo Dunten pre-washed silverware. Del Lake, Carl Leishman, Hank Goslin and Marvin Casebeer cleaned the tables and floors.

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