CANYON CITY - Voters will keep Sheriff Glenn Palmer in office, according to preliminary returns in the Nov. 4 election.

The Grant County Clerk's office showed Palmer with 2,181 votes to 1,247 write-in ballots.

Mike Durr, a former Oregon State Police detective, ran a vigorous write-in campaign, but the exact tally of his votes won't be known until a hand-count of those write-ins is finished.

The candidates each claimed extensive law enforcement experience as they campaigned across the county.

Palmer cited his experience at management, community service and dedication to the job as attributes worthy of re-election. Durr pledge to enhance communications with the public and cooperation with other law enforcement agencies if elected.

The vote came in an election that drew heavy turnout across the nation and state. Grant County was no exception, with voters invigorated by the presidential campaigns, the sheriff's race and a slate of ballot measures.

From the U.S. presidential race to a hotly contested local sheriff's race, candidates and issues brought voters out in droves in Grant County.

County Clerk Kathy McKinnon said the turnout countywide was at 83.9 percent when the polls closed at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 4.

The turnout exceeded the 72 percent statewide reported earlier in the evening. McKinnon said Grant County has hit 85-86 percent turnout before.

Brenda Percy, deputy clerk, said it was a constant stream of ballots coming in on Tuesday, and there were a lot of young voters participating.

"We had a huge turnout today," she said.

Watch this website for results of the Oregon ballot measures and statewide campaigns, as well as the presidential race.

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