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WARRENTON -- The Warrenton City Commission has agreed to begin negotiations with Warrenton Fiber for a trade of land involving Tansy Point.

Warrenton Fiber, located on the point, is interested in trading the land they currently lease from the city for vacant land on Dolphin Avenue. The company's rent is just less than $100,000 annually. According to its contract, that's expected to double next year.

Tansy Point was most recently appraised at $3.8 million. City Manager Kurt Fritsch said he hoped the negotiations would lead to something that has long-term value to the city of Warrenton for the next 50 years.

"They have a large piece of raw land," Fritsch said. "There could be cash involved, there could be continued payment. ... It could involve partial construction of facilities, perhaps for public works. There's a number of different items here at play here."

Steve Fulton, an employee of Warrenton Fiber and a Port of Astoria commissioner, said he hoped the city commission would consider how many jobs Warrenton Fiber brings to the community.

Todd Dowaliby, whose grandfather deeded the Tansy Point property to the city of Warrenton several years ago, said that while he respects how many jobs Warrenton Fiber brings to the community, he also asked the commission to be cautious about Warrenton Fiber's plans. Dowaliby siad he would like to know what Warrenton Fiber's plans are, because the land was never meant for heavy industries, like Oregon LNG.

"The original intent was to have light industry on that property," he said. "It's next to (Carruther's) park and further west is open property that's designed for residential. And his (grandfather's) whole intent originally was to prevent possible land grab from the city of Astoria to put in some heavy industry. And he wanted to maintain the quality of the area for living."

This story originally appeared in Daily Astorian.

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