Welcome to my new blog: Angel's Kitchen!

This is a new experience for me, and I'm looking forward to sharing recipes with you and seeing the readers' favorite recipes. Just log on at www.myeaglenews.com/kitchen and ask questions about cooking and baking problems, and get expertise from other readers.

I've always thought it would be nice to own a Grant County cookbook. What a great way to do it!

I love trying new recipes from cookbooks, the internet, family and friends.

One year I threw an Egyptian party because my middle-schooler was learning the subject in his history class. We learned about the country with a slide show and enjoyed many different and tasty foods from the region: Basbousa Cake, Spinach and Cheese Pides and Raspberry-Mint Cairo Punch.

The internet was useful in finding all those recipes.

While exotic meals are fun, I'd like to start with good ol' stick-to-your-ribs home cooking - Meat 'n' Potatoes.

Cody Wilson of John Day, widely known for his wonderful smoked meat recipes, helped me out with some contributions - thanks Cody! Family members of mine were also a great resource, and I've thrown in a couple of recipes I've used and enjoyed.

Please visit again in the coming days - I'm asking for your favorite "Thanksgiving trimmings" recipes, be it a savory turkey dressing, jazzed up mashed potatoes and gravy, your mom's best roll recipe, a veggie dish, or your good-to-the-last crumb pie and dessert recipes - does your aunt Carol make a mean yam dish with those marshmallows on top?

I look forward to facilitating great eating in Grant County!

Bring on the recipes!

Marinated Brisket

Oven French Fries

Wild Willy's Rub

Pit Pot Roast

Venison Swiss Steaks

Jazzy Potato Soup

Gary's Dutch Oven Recipes

Tony Roma's Ribs

Microwave Dutch Oven Potatoes

Marinated Brisket

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