JOHN DAY - Grant County Young Life teens served a prime-rib dinner to a full house of supporters at the John Day Senior Center April 28. Earlier that day, the youth and their leaders were selling truckloads bark dust.

The fund-raising events will help the non-denominational youth group reach their goal of attending Malibu Club, a camp in British Columbia, this summer.

Besides dinner and bark dust, the group also sold auto parts on April 27.

"David Fields donated Young Life the inventory of his Grant County Auto Parts store," said Suzy Burton, Young Life committee chairperson.

In exchange, the youth group cleaned the building, she said.

There is still a roomful of boxes filled with the store's leftover items which Cindy Qual, a Young Life campaigner, said they will try to sell on the internet.

She leads music for the group and is a club campaigner. The last Young Life club meeting will be May 2 from 8 - 9 p.m.

"We're all about building relationships with our teens in Grant County so that they can know Christ," Qual said. At the club "we spend 50 minutes doing games and singing and just having tons of fun and 10 minutes to share the gospel of Christ."

Young Life area director Ken Purnell said, "The 10-minute talk consists of looking at the option of following Christ. The leaders encourage the teens to pick a church to go to." Having club on Thursdays gives them time to think about their choices for the weekend, he said.

Bible study with pizza for lunch is another get-together time he holds for the youth on Tuesdays in a Grant Union High School classroom.

Kerri Purnell, Ken's wife, holds campaigner meetings at their home on Monday nights. During campaigner meetings the Young Lifers can ask questions they may have on their mind.

The teens will have more learning experiences and fun as they attend camp June 9 - 17, where they'll have kayaking, inner-tubing, rock-wall climbing and many other activities to look forward to.

The camp's website states: "Through the course of the week, kids are given the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and make their own decision about accepting His offer to live life to the fullest."

For more information, contact Purnell, 575-2414 or Burton, 575-0762.

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