“Ochoco Lumber is a vital part of the John Day community and their mill represents the kind of infrastructure we can’t afford to lose if we hope to restore eastern Oregon’s overstocked forests. We have plenty of hard work ahead of us, but I promise to keep fighting with the rest of the Oregon delegation to get the Forest Service and the mill what they need.”

– Sen. Ron Wyden

“Malheur Lumber is a key cog in the economy of eastern Oregon. I am gratified by the outpouring of support for Malheur Lumber and the Blue Mountain collaborative, and appreciate the work that the Forest Service and Sen. Wyden are doing to keep this mill open. The state is working with Sen. Wyden and the rest of the Oregon delegation to find solutions that will keep our vanishing mill infrastructure and jobs in place.”

– Gov. John Kitzhaber

“Closure of the mill would be devastating. The livelihood of so many families, the broader Grant County economy, and the vitality of our forests are all on the line. Thus, this reprieve is joyous and welcome news indeed. It must be recognized, however, that more work needs to be done. We need to fully secure a long-term, sustainable supply of sawlogs with the full commitment to the planning and field resources necessary to make that happen.”

– Sen. Jeff Merkley

“I continue to work on all options to create jobs in our forests and forested communities and provide more timber for mills across Oregon. The crux of the problem is the need to reduce the regulatory gridlock that drives the cost of producing timber and jobs through the roof and largely prevents our land managers from doing work needed to improve forest health and create jobs in and value from our forests. Communities and businesses must have access to the natural resources that surround them to create jobs and reduce the risk and occurrence of wildfire.”

– Rep. Greg Walden

“We appreciate the efforts of Sen. Wyden and the rest of the Oregon delegation to address the challenge of retaining critical infrastructure in Grant County, and look forward to continuing our work together to restore our public forests in eastern Oregon.”

– Susan Jane Brown, founding member, Blue Mountains Forest Partners

“We are so appreciative of Sen. Wyden for his leadership to save Malheur Lumber from the brink of closure. His rapid efforts to unite with Sen. Merkley, Forest Service leadership from D.C., Portland, to the Malheur National Forest along with the governor, Grant County Commissioners, and the local community collaborative groups was key. He found a solution that can meet the needs of Malheur Lumber, the John Day community and in the process significantly advances the conservation needs of the Malheur National Forest.”

– Russ Hoeflich, Oregon State Director for The Nature Conservancy

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