Winners on Fourth of July

<I>The Eagle/Reilly Cosgrove</I><BR>The Blue Mountain Nursing Home's entry in Prairie City's Fourth of July parade won the $100 sweepstakes award.

DayvilleThe first place winner of the Horse Race, David LeClaire, riding Bud, won with a time of 13:12. He was followed by Debbie Cowdrey on Juniper, with a time of 13:22. Third place was won by Kristie Shockey on Cody, with a time of 13:22.

The best of parade display was won by Dayville 4-H Club, led by Babette Larson.

The winner of the duck race was Chuck Moore. He received $200 for the efforts of his feathered competitor.

The Cow Pasture Golf Tournament was one by a team made up of Gary Gamer, Terry Humphreys and Andy Kathrein.

Round one of the Jackpot Horseshoe tournament on July 2 was won by Harold Pickett and Darryl Mahar, as was round two. Round three was won by Jeff Riggs and Jeff Larson.

A second Jackpot Horseshoe Tournament was held July 4. Round one was won by Larry and Russ Powell. Round two was won by Maurice Thorne and Terry Humphreys. Harold Pickett and Verne Wayne won round three, while round four was won by Fran Coxen and Chris Carlin.

Prairie CityResults of the Fourth of July contests

Doubles horseshoe

1. Gary Rapp and Kenny Gillihan

2. Grant and Josh Winegar

3. Brian Adams and Jim Anderson

Duck race

1. Mikayla Klum - $100 cash prize.

Other winners: Shane Griffin, 10 gallons of gas from Voigt Chevron; Iva Speelman, $25 gift certificate to Prairie Drug and Hardware; Joy Wolf, $20 gift certificate to the Bar WB; Les Church, hair care products from Country Curl; Ray Wenger, pizza or pie from Crockett's Bakery; Jean Kline and Melanie DeJong, $7 gift certificates from the Hitchin' Post Jim Soupir, blanket from the City of Prairie; Bev Collman, figurine; Jim Barrick, Child's T-shirt from Prairie Drug and Hardware.

ParadeFloats - Organizations

1. Grant County Ranch and Rodeo Museum by Tobe Zweygardt - Prairie City

2. History Club of Prairie City Schools - Camp Logan

3. American Legion Auxiliary Post #106 - Prairie City

Most Unique - Ed Negus Cash award - $25

Floats - Commercial

1. Blue Mt. Nursing Home - also winner of Sweepstakes Cash Award $100

2. Shoshoni Winds

Floats - Miscellaneous

Air Life by Helen Bogart

Floats - Religious

1. Prairie Baptist Church

2. Assembly of God

3. Paul and Carol Knopp - Van Gospel

Walking Groups

1. American Legion Post #106

2. Jennifer Strong - Breeder of St. Bernards

Decorated Trucks

1. DaKom Logging - Mt. Vernon

2. Grayback Forestry - John Day

3. Prairie City Fire Department - Prairie City

Not judged - Prairie City Ranger District and Smokey the Bear

Decorated Vehicles

1. Tim Cooley - Toyo Stoves

2. Melanie DeJong - Prairie Dental Group

3. Jake Ellson

Custom Vehicles

1. Sherm Cornell - Mt. Vernon

2. Heather Sheedy - John Day

Classic Cars

1. Dave Abarr - John Day - 1956 Chevrolet wagon

2. Claudia Greear - Prairie City - 1940 Black Chevrolet Coupe

3. Ronald Phillips - San Bernadino, Calif. - 1927 Ford T

Derby Cars

1. Steve Patterson

Horse-Drawn Entrees

1. Dennis Reynolds Family - Canyon City

2. Adria Schmitt - Monroe

3. Del and Mary Raymond - Prairie City

Jr. Female Rider

1. Vanessa Hamsher - Prairie City

Adult Female Rider

1. Lindy Black - Prairie City

Equestrian Group

1. Whispering Pines - Mt. Vernon

2. Mountain Pass Ranch - Mt. Vernon

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