Young girl sends truck up telephone pole

Ogden, Utah. -- (KSL) A 6-year-old girl from Ogden, Utah is lucky to have avoided serious injury after she accidentally flipped her family's truck into gear and took it for an unexpected ride down a hill and up a telephone pole retention wire.

"The truck was just facing up and she was trying to jump out of the truck," mother Mireya Valdez said of the Tuesday night ordeal.

"I was just screaming for her, and so I was just really scared."

Valdez said she was loading up kids into the truck. She had placed 6-year-old Jaylee inside and had gone back inside her home to grab her nephew.

When she returned to the front door moments later, Valdez said she heard her daughter's screams and the truck was missing from the driveway.

Ogden Police Lt. Tim Scott said the child somehow got the truck in reverse, and then it rolled forward down the hill.

Valdez said she reached the truck and held out her arms, and Jaylee jumped into them.

"She was really scared and she had a bloody nose and her lip was really swollen," she said.

Scott said it took two tow trucks to get the vehicle down from the retention wire.

The truck -- despite the ordeal -- was still drivable, according to the family.

"If the vehicle struck another vehicle, a building, or even the telephone pole rather than the retention wire, there would have been injuries," Scott said.

KSL tested the slope of the road to get an idea of how fast the truck could have traveled.

Without any acceleration and the vehicle in neutral, a news crew stationed at the family's driveway topped 23 miles per hour by the time the vehicle reached the pole.

Valdez said Jaylee was still scared Wednesday, but still wanted to drive the family's car. She didn't want to drive the truck.

It appeared to be a fortunate end to an untimely first lesson in driver's education.

"I would always just tell her don't ever touch that," Valdez said of the gear shift in the truck. "Don't ever do it! Lesson learned never to do that again."

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