JOHN DAY - Play continued on Oct. 5 in the Grant County Youth Soccer League at the Seventh Street Complex.

In the U-7 Division, where no scores are kept for any of the matches, the Grubsteak team faced Pioneer bank, Strawberry Mountain Graphics met Star Mart, Iron Triangle took on Best Western and Strawberry Clinic played Century 21 Franklin Realty.

Mariah Ribeiro was captain of the Grubsteak team and Ori Schaeffer and Justin Gill-DeFord players of the game, and Chris Mischke was Pioneer Bank's captain with Ian Humbird and Tristan Larman players of the game.

Dylan Powell was captain of the Strawberry Mountain Graphics team and was also one of the players of the game along with Colton Madden.

Brittany Cernazanu was captain of the Star Mart squad, and Chelsie Kodesh and Chance Barrietua were players of the game.

Anthony Teague was player of the game for Iron Triangle, and Kyle Carpenter and Erin Winesburgh were players of the game for Best Western which was captained by Rilee Nicholas.

The Strawberry Clinic team was led by Hayden Blood, and Charli Bowden and Kaylyn Joslin were named players of the game; captain Kelsey Long was named one of the players of the game for Century 21 Franklin Realty, as was Rayce Houser.

In the first U-9 match of the day, Radio Shack battled Prairie Wood to a 4-4 tie.

Orion Bliss and Seth Lallatin were co-captains for Radio Shack and Riley Averett and Hailey Cates were named players of the game.

Joey Letosky and Tucker Billman led Prairie Wood, and Garth Neal along with Letosky earned player of the game honors.

NAPA defeated Dr. Bob in the second U-9 match.

Rachelle Hill and Allin Rust were captains of the winning NAPA team, and Robin Bay along with Shantel Klenski were players of the game.

Jarrod Wirth and Kody Nelson co-captained Dr. Bob's squad where Logan Delano and David Kodesh were players of the game.

In the final U-9 match, Gardner's scored an 8-0 shutout over Grant County Ford.

Trey Thompson was one of the captains for Gardner's and also named player of the game. Hailey McConnell was the other captain and Mathew Shriver-Rehling was named the other player of the game.

Tommy Lane and Soren Larson led Grant County Ford, and Tom Heideman was player of the game.

In U-11 matches, Chester's defeated the Snaffle Bit 10-5 and McDonald's topped Huffman's 9-5.

Tyler Hyde and Shelby Long were co-captains of the victorious Chester's team and Clayton Thomas and Kaitlyn Webb earned player of the game honors.

Austin Bremner and Shane Brooks were co-captains for Snaffle Bit, and Brent Labhart was player of the game.

Nick Piazza and Salem Michael led McDonald's; and Piazza, Michael and Ethan Kowing were named players of the game.

Katie Carey and Steven Teague were co-captains of the Huffman's squad; and Carey, Blake Purnell and Marshall Meacham were named players of the game.

Les Schwab bested Len's Drug in the first U-15 match and Pepsi took Prairie Drug in the final match of the day.

Micah Sprouffske was captain of the Les Schwab team and Jyla Hill along with Darren King were named players of the game.

Len's Drug was captained by Hillary Ashmead and Sarah Young, nad Randy Dowdy and James Webb were players of the game.

Jeannie Allen and Tyler Webb were co-captains for Pepsi, and Brian Gentis and Tim Jones were players of the game, and Kelly Coxen and Alex Krausse led Prairie Drug where Bret Lauer along with Coxen were players of the game.

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