In response to Robin Roberts’ comment May 26, first of all, I would like to thank you for your service to our country as you stated that you are a veteran.

It is quite apparent that you and I have differing opinions on the current state of affairs. I am terribly sorry that you did not attend our community town hall meeting. We made an attempt to notify every citizen of Grant County. We sent out postcards addressed to local postal customers that were hand delivered to each post office in Grant County with instructions that they were to go in every box. Posters were put up in every community in Grant County. It was also announced by Logan Bagett on KJDY as a public announcement.

I attended a Grant County commissioners meeting on April 28, and our Grant County Judge Scott Myers informed everyone present that if we didn’t go along with the state and federal mandates that the county would lose funding for roads, hospitals and schools. That is called extortion. This meeting was streamed live on Blue Mountain Eagle’s Facebook page, and you can still listen to it there. In separate conversations with our education district personnel, who will remain nameless out of respect to their jobs, they stated the exact same thing. I spoke with administration at the hospital, trying to get someone to come to our town hall meeting to speak. I also spoke with county health services, and none would come and speak.

The media and most of our governments, worldwide, are creating a fear factor, for whatever reasons, that is totally ridiculous. I also stated in the Coffee Time interview that through a link to the National Highway Safety Institute, it shows that your, mine or anyone’s chance of dying in a car accident is 1 in 103. Are you going to stop driving your car and walk to town for your groceries? The true data is being tamped down by all of the major mainstream media sources, and any voice of opposition is being silenced in any way possible. The very freedoms and liberties that you served our country to protect are being taken away from us every day, right under your nose. What freedoms are you going to be willing to give up next? All that I am saying is, if you want to wear a mask and get vaccinated, that is your choice to make, but it is not the American way to demand that everyone do so. I personally feel that there is a larger agenda behind all of this. It is a shame, but the truth is, you are going to have to look a little harder if you want the true facts.

Bill Newman resides in Monument.

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