The Long Creek and Monument chapter of Home Extension had their “Spring Fling” luncheon and white elephant auction recently. The proceeds from the sales go for continuation of this 100-year-old organization supported by the University of Oregon. The purpose of this is to bring women together to share everyday problems and find solutions, exchange recipes, sewing projects, health and child rearing difficulties, and just being supportive of sister members. We’ve sponsored 4-H, quilted quilts for disaster victims and have always been active in entries at fair time.

There was lots of food and lovely table decorations provided by Sue Drake. We were able to use the Seventh-day Adventist Church friendship hall, which provides a full kitchen and nice dining room. Sharon Livingston graciously provided us with a very patriotic rendition of “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere,” and Reiba Carter Smith presented a historical account of an early pioneer, Jodie Townsend Taliaferro of Long Creek. A photographer and traveler, Taliaferro left us a legacy in pictures of the early history of our community, and of people, agriculture and industries, such as mining and teamster-transportation and marketing of goods during the late 1800s.

We had a wonderful day, but our attendance has declined over the years. It would be gratifying to see new faces and interest in continuing what our grandmothers instituted over 100 years ago. They realized women need women, and we can help one another with everyday problems in today’s economy, just as they did yesterday.

Reiba Carter Smith and Gaye Pruit are members of the Long Creek Historical Society.

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