Many local people have spent countless hours on projects to better our communities, and we believe that focusing on these achievements will inspire more while bringing people together.

To recognize all of the positive changes and the people making things happen, the Eagle is working on a new special publication this year: Progress. It will be its own section in the June 26 newspaper.

In the section, we plan to include a variety of articles showcasing progress made in the various communities and in areas such as the forest, tourism and business. We plan to reach out to each city to learn about the projects they’re working on, their goals and the challenges they’re facing.

In addition, we’ve solicited contributions from the Grant County Chamber of Commerce, Grant County Economic Development, Grant County Education Service District, Blue Mountain Hospital District and other organizations to build up the package even further.

The end result will be a section stuffed with articles about positive progress being made from a variety of different angles, from one end of the county to the other.

We’re excited to debut this new section next month, and we think it will be one of the best sections we’ve ever published.

Whereas our annual visitor guide is more catered to tourists, this section is mostly for locals, touting our accomplishments and supporting our communities, so it’s a great fit for advertisers to showcase accomplishments they’ve made.

Doing so also supports this effort to recognize and promote local progress, and we hope to have the support to continue doing this in future years because we think something like this will help bring the community together.

This is also a great opportunity to show your support for your community, the people making things happen and the progress being made.

Although there may not be very many people in Grant County, many people here have done great work to move the county forward.

We thank them for their dedication, and we hope their progress will continue to inspire more.

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