To the Editor:

In regards to the many front page articles about all the wonderful things the city of John Day has done and are planning to do, I would like to offer a little different perspective for your readers to consider.

To begin with, government at any level should never be competing with private enterprise whether it be a greenhouse, broadband or what have you. Give me one example of a government-run enterprise that is not taxpayer funded, makes a profit and actually pays taxes.

The city of John Day, by their own admission, is no exception. If they can’t run the pool and the 911 center cost effectively, what are the chances that a greenhouse or broadband enterprise will be any different, considering they have no experience, no trained personnel, no equipment and no capital. Even if they obtain free taxpayer grant money for construction, it is highly unlikely that they will ever be able to even cover the maintenance costs.

As for the rest of the county “stepping up,” we have been supporting John Day businesses for decades. But with today’s shopping opportunities via broadband, we no longer have to do so unless we choose to. We can get most everything we need delivered right to our front door, saving time, money and wear and tear on our vehicles.

The latest census shows the population of Grant County at 7,200 and the city of John Day at 1,700 of that total.

When you look at the facts presented, a logical-minded reader might draw at least a couple conclusions. One might be that perhaps the city of John Day has not been making very wise financial decisions, and it may also appear as though the city of John Day needs the rest of the county a whole lot more than we need them!

Pete Hettinga


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