To the Editor: 

Is courtesy and respect dead? Maybe not, but it has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel!

I had a disturbing experience on the way to work. As I drove past a couple of kids walking to school, I waved out the side window of the car and received a middle finger wave from the younger of the two. The student was probably a fourth-fifth-sixth grader. I turned around and went back to talk to the young man. When I got next to him and rolled down the window, he said he waved with his first finger. I said that is not a very nice way to say good morning to someone. He repeated that it was his first finger a couple more times. Then I said you know what you did and drove off.

It really bothered me that a kid that young would be that disrespectful. Then I realized that much of our society acts the same way, so why should I expect better from a kid?

I recognize that not everyone likes or agrees with everyone else, and that is fine; it is what makes our society great. I just wish that people would choose to treat others with respect and courtesy. If people could let go of their disdain for others, many interactions would be more pleasant and likely more productive.

I hope for civility and courtesy — consider it during your next interaction with someone who may not be you favorite person.

Shannon Springer

Prairie City

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