To the Editor:

I once served in a war with men that ran the spectrum of red, yellow, tan, black and white. No one was concerned my great-grandfather was a Confederate soldier, or someone’s predecessor was made a slave in Africa by other blacks and sold overseas, land taken from someone else and settled was eventually lost to other settlers or Native Americans, Europeans murdered each other from the get go. It was history, and hopefully one can learn from it, not still bicker and fight over what is long done. We soon discovered the only color we were interested in was red, the color of everyone’s blood, and we were keen in keeping each other’s backs.

The world is a perilous place. We can ill-afford to bicker and fight among ourselves. We best realize that united as Americans is the only course we pursue. Abraham Lincoln stated, “A house divided cannot stand.” True when spoken and just as true today.

Dave Traylor

John Day

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