To the Editor:

I would like to express my disappointment with the way “Paid for by Russ Denton” was displayed like some self-promotion above my article last week (in a paid advertisement), rather than the simple acknowledgment of my involvement, placed at the end, rightly required by your paper.

Over the last few months, I have spent money I didn’t have to spare, to forward information in your newspaper, much as I have done, in various ways, for the last 17 years. From around 1990 to 2000, I “penned” a book entitled “Revolution Number Ten” under the name George Bailey, out of reverence for the “spirit” associated with that name. From that day to this, I have offered it for free on the Internet (currently at I say “penned” because the solutions it offers presented themselves to me: much as the location of heaven did after a quarter century of doing as I was commanded to do in Scripture. Likewise, I was given a copy of “The Money Masters” when it was still on VHS tape, and I have anonymously shared its revelations, along with many others, with as many as I could, as soon as I could, for as long as I could, out of a devotion to God and country and for the sake of the children.

So let me be clear. This is not self-promotion. I don’t want to be “somebody.” Like you, I am somebody to our Father in heaven, and that’s enough for me. This is simply me trying to do what the press and the clergy have failed to do: shed light into the darkness, even at the cost of my anonymity, as we are all commanded to do.

Russ Denton

Prairie City

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