To the Editor:

No, on the fire station bond! What happens if the city voters pass the bond, but the rural voters do not?

I have decided that the design is not a “Taj Mahal,” but a copy of the White House. Build the biggest thing around and keep throwing money at it. Sounds like Obama, doesn’t it? There are 475 department and stations in Oregon, I was hard pressed (after a day on the computer) to find many stations larger than the 9,045-square-foot design proposed; all were in the big valley to the west.

If one looks at the building footprint on the property, you have to wonder how response time will be recorded. The building is 167 feet long, the parking lot is on the north end, and the trucks are on the south end.

That’s like parking in front of Chester’s, going to the checkout stand, loading up with gear, coats, boots, helmet, etc., and then hurrying to the milk area to get into a truck. Anyway, it looks like it will be quicker to park across the street than to park in the parking lot. It’s going to have a classroom for 30-50 people, but parking for less than 15 cars.

The existing fire station is 2,516 square feet, the proposed one, 9,045 square feet – 3-1/2 times bigger. A lot of money has been spent to get information to the people. How much is the Fire Departments’ budget going to go up to pay for utilities, heat, a/c, cleaning of the 3,400 square foot of administration, training and service area? Don’t worry about maintenance though, the building is good for 40-45 years, we’ll still be paying for it 20 years from now!

Again, with the economy down, now is not the time to go further into debt. The hospital, the high school, the industrial park, downtown beautification were all supposed to bring people to Grant County. Sounds like another one of Obama’s ideas.

Dan Graikowski

John Day

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